DIY Door Macrame Curtain

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     Recently I was thinking to buy a room divider curtain for my little kitchen, as a decor and for a little privacy or to isolate because one of the two kitchen doors  is in front of our apartment door.
So I found a pretty macrame curtains on Pinterest and I fall in love with them, I showed them to my husband to check if he would like that style and he liked them too "yaay"

     At this point I started looking for a good tutorial and I found it. I watched this video of Elizabeth JJ first " Macrame curtain : Testing Pinterest DIY Pin" where she was following another tutorial From " A Beautiful Mess "

however, I collected all supplies needed, It took a little search first, we went to Home Depot to look for %100 a cotton rope because we didn't want a shiny rope which is polyester, they still look nice but we wanted a matte, not pure white rope, and we didn't find there, so I looked a round Amazon and finally found exactly what we wanted and at a good price too ( $5 for each 100 ft ).
   To find the beads it was a tricky thing too because you have to make sure the bead hole fit the robe not bigger so it will not slip down and not smaller either . Me and my husband searched a lot in Amazon, home depot and Walmart but finally we found a good looking brown beads at Amazon with a hole (4/16" inch ) almost same size as rope (3/16")

So here how I did my Macrame Curtain

Materials I Used :

  • 100% Cotton Rope 300 ft ( 3/16 Inch ) from Amazon for $16.41 ( 100 ft for $5.47)
  • Round Wood Dowel 3 ft (3/4 Inch ) from Home Depot for $4.75 ( as I remember)
  • Brown Round Beads 6/8 Inch ( 18 mm ) From Amazon 100pcs for $10.99 I used 108 beads
  • 2 Hooks 
  • Pen
  • Measurement Tape
  • Scissors.
  • Tape

Estimate Cost : $32.15

After measuring your rope, I cut out 18 rope, each is 200 inch, folded up around dowel to be 36 rope 100 inch.  then my husband offered his "home gym" to hang the dowel on and tape it for me so it will stick in place.

Using the pin and marked where ropes should placed with about 1.50 inch in between. you can make ropes closer but in this case you will need more extra ropes.

For the knot, check Elizabeth Video tutorial, was so helpful ! I was repeating her method " Over Over Under, Under Under Over"  

Taped the end of each rope so it will be easier to get beads through.

Adding beads can add weight to ropes.

 Knotted the ends and cut off the extra.

  TA-DA !!

I'm thinking of adding more ropes to this curtain in the future, but I'm happy with it now.

Thanks for passing by!

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